Guide To Meal Replacement Supplements

I have seen this too many times when people talk about meal replacement supplements and they obviously don’t have a clue. Well, that motivated me to create this article where I will be talking about these meal replacement supplements and what they actually are. This will be like a guide to how you should use them and what meal replacement types to take. If you don’t have a lot of experience with supplements, then I would strongly suggest that you talk to a professional nutritionist who will tell you exactly what supplements you should take.

These meal supplements are mostly used by people who are trying to lose some extra weight. If you are not having problems with your weight, then you don’t need to take any of these meal replacements, you should be focusing on some other supplements like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. However, for people that are overweight, these meal replacement supplements are very helpful because it allows them to replace some very unhealthy meals for a very healthy dose of supplements. Here is the short guide about these meal replacement supplements.


There are some people who think they can function properly without carbohydrates, but I can tell you they are wrong. Your body needs them and cutting them out of your diet plan is the worst decision that you can make. When trying out a meal replacement for a long time, you need to make sure that you are taking in at least 1200 calories per day.

If you take in less than 1200, then you will be experiencing all kinds of health issues. Majority of these meal replacements are giving you around 200-400 calories. Which means that you will need to be smart about replacing your meals because 200 isn’t a lot of calories. If your body is used to eating a lot of calories per day, then you won’t be able to cut down to only 1200 that’s for sure. You have to do it gradually, so you don’t collapse at some point of the day.


Just because you are trying to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take in any fats. The fats that you are taking in with a meal are used to create hormones and help your body to absorbed vitamins. Therefore, when you are drinking a protein shake as a meal replacement, make sure to have a regular meal at some point of the day.